ProBlock Masonry Wall System





Our producers are important to our business. Concrete block manufacturers now have a cutting edge product that they can use to differentiate themselves and move the market forward.  

ProBlock is a revolutionary concrete block system that is more durable, lightweight and energy efficient than anything else available in the market. With ProBlock you can now move from a commodity priced product to a unique offering that will benefit your bottom line. 

Innovate   -   Create Demand   -   Perform with ProBlock

Benefits include: 

  • Lower Manufacturing Costs – ProBlock products use less material, thereby reducing manufacturing costs

  • Reduced Transportation Costs – Lighter per unit weight means you can ship more blocks on each delivery truck

  • Minimize Breakage – Tapers in ProBlock design will minimize breakage during production and transit

  • Increase Your Market Share and Margin – Gain more share of the block market and increase margins by offering a non-commodity product that not everyone else has

  • Convert Other Wall Systems to Masonry – ProBlock Insulated Wall System allows architects to improve project schedules and achieve R-values of up to 19 without paying a premium

  • Full Support – Our team provides your team with onsite support for production and sales

  • Compliance – ProBlock complies with ASTM C90 and can achieve a 2-hour fire rating; therefore, it can be used in place of regular CMU with no required changes to standard masonry specifications



If you are interested in becoming a ProBlock licensed producer, please complete the following interest form.