ProBlock Masonry Wall System

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A Labor Saving Revolution in the Concrete Masonry Market

ProBlock is a patented concrete masonry unit developed and marketed by Johnson Concrete Products. It is the final result of close collaboration between Johnson Concrete’s engineers and production team, block masons and architects. That collaboration yielded the idea to redesign the standard "knock-out" or "A" block to be more efficient to manufacture and install.

The result of 6 years of research, design development, and marketing is a unique concrete masonry unit that allows for increased energy efficiency, improved safety, reduced installation cost and faster project schedules.


Which Solution Is Most Important?

  • Low Cost

  • Faster Project Schedule

  • Energy Efficient Single-Wythe Masonry Performance

  • OR

  • All of the Above




ProBlock provides an efficiency in production that is unmatched in the building industry.

ProBlock allows for optimal palletizing and decreased freight costs.

ProBlock offers an energy efficient CMU with a high R-value in both single-wythe and cavity wall construction.