ProBlock Masonry Wall System

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The ASTM C90 standard changed from requiring 2.25 in/ft minimum equivalent web thickness to requiring 6.5 in²/ft² normalized web area in standard concrete masonry units. What followed was a 6 year design process that has resulted in a full line of patented open ended concrete masonry units branded as ProBlock. 


Modified "A" 

PB-KNOCKOUT-H-MASKED 02@300 png.png

Knock-out "H"

The ProBlock Masonry Wall System is a wholly new concept developed for productivity, safety, energy performance and profitability


  • Reduced project cost and faster project schedule

  • ASTM C90 compliant

  • High thermal R-values without the cost premium of other high R-value masonry wall systems

  • Open-end design allows masons to lay around vertical rebar and avoid overhead lifting


  Unique Features

  • 26%+ lighter than other CMU's of the same material mix, making it easier to handle and quicker to install

  • Ability to go around rebar instead of up and over eliminates or reduces rebar splicing and therefore the amount of steel required for the project

  • Balanced center of gravity is located properly "in the center web" of the block for ease of handling

3d draawing 12 inch sf construction5 v7.png
3d wall h block for starling_wall_preview.png


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