ProBlock is a patented concrete masonry unit developed and marketed by Johnson Concrete Company. It is the final result of close collaboration between Johnson Concrete’s engineers and production team, block masons and architects. That collaboration yielded the idea to redesign the standard "knock-out" or "A" block to be more efficient to manufacture by the producers and put in place by the masons. 

The result of 6 years of research, design development, and marketing is a unique concrete masonry unit with increased energy efficiency, increased factor of safety, and increased productivity in both the manufacture and installation (by mason) while being lighter in weight. 



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The first attempts by Johnson Concrete to create a new concrete masonry unit to address these issues met with marginal success. When the ASTM C90 standard changed from requiring 2.25 in/ft minimum equivalent web thickness to requiring 6.5 in2/ft2 normalized web area, Johnson Concrete saw an opportunity to develop a product that could change the masonry industry. In addition to the lessons learned from the meetings with masons and architects, Johnson Concrete determined that the new type of block also had to: Through engineering and testing, the Johnson Concrete team has addressed both sets of goals by developing the ProBlock, a totally new type of concrete masonry unit that is the lightest, most balanced, and easiest to lay block with the best energy performance possible.

The ProBlock is everything that Johnson Concrete set out to make it plus some. The weight is amazing low, it is easy to make, easy to handle and easy to lay in a wall. Masons who have used the block have found tremendous production rate increases and are actively looking for more opportunities to use it on their projects. They have embraced the fact that masons do not have to lift the ProBlock higher than the course they are laying since the open end on the ProBlock eliminates the need to lift it to place it over rebar. The increase in R-value for walls built with ProBlock is outstanding, especially when used in conjunction with a material like Masonry Foam Insulation. Johnson Concrete is currently working on ASTM E119 fire testing and thermal measurements to provide performance data that will allow architects and designers to take advantage of the properties of ProBlock units.

Johnson Concrete has been granted a patent on the product and has begun efforts to promote its use throughout the United States. The ProBlock is backed by a strong technical support and engineering team. Johnson Concrete is committed to making ProBlock the industry standard for high performance masonry wall systems. The ProBlock offers benefits to all of the participants in the block industry, including the block producer, the mason, the architect and the owner. ProBlock provides an outstanding solution that improves productivity, safety, energy conservation, and profitability.

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